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Historic walk in Salvador's Pelourinho & historic district

  • View from the famous Pelourinho place.

  • Salvador's "city center" in the 1620-ties.

  • The original PELOURINHO, pole of punishment.

  • Praça Terreiro de Jesus with the Cathedral and the First Medicine Faculty of Brazil.

  • Panoramic views from the "Cidade Alta".

  • View on All Saints Bay, the second largest bay in the world.

  • The friendly local atmosphere in the historic center of Salvador.

  • The typical architecture from the city.

If you would like to discover the unique historical centre of Salvador da Bahia and get a closer look at this typical cultural heritage of Brazil you should definitly consider a walk in the Pelourinho and annex Santo Antonio alem do Carmo neigborhood.

Have a view at the next video and you will immediatelly understand why this city-tour should be a must on your list.

I will pick you up around 9AM or at 1PM by car at your pousada/hotel/appartment (minimum 2 participants required) or at the harbour exit if you would be travelling by Cruise ship or Sail Yacht.

You will be in for a treat discovering some of the most beautiful buildings and places in Brazil during a 4 hours walk.

At the end I will bring you back to the place where I collected you earlier on. Feel free to mail me if you would have specific requests for this beuatiful walking discovery of Salvador da Bahia through my CONTACT-page.

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Do you have some more time to spend ?
Then go for our famous Salvador, 500 years in 1 day

Remember that Bahia, the Black Pearl of Brazil, is the most colored state in this immense country and, absolutely worth your visit.
You will encounter several hundred years of cultural blending in the most imaginable ways. A feast for your eyes, ears, pallet, ...
Speaking of ... our typical local etno-gastronomy here has a very interesting African influence in almost every aspect of it's cuisine.

For those having the morning walk I can take you to a local little restaurant to eat 'Comida Caseira' (home-made food) or go to the most famous SENAC Culinairy Institute where you could savour a buffet of over 60 local specialties at will.
The choice is yours, as always with Ivan Bahia Guide.

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