Discover Bahia with Ivan Bahia private tour-guide / travel agency, for the best experience in Salvador, Chapada Diamantina National Park and Bahia /NE-Brazil - Photography by Ivan Bahia Guide, traveling in Brazil, reisgids in Brazilie, #BahiaMetisse,#FotosBahia,#IvanBahiaGuide,#IvanSalvadorBahia,#SalvadorBahiaTravel,#ToursByLocals,#FernandoBingreTourGuideThe most attractive private guided travel tour for Cuise-ship sailors to visist Salvador da Bahia Brazil. Lowest price available. Book directly with Ivan Bahia Travel Guide for the cheapest prices.
Ivan Bahia Guide - Notre devise ? Etre les guides les plus agréables et flexibles à Bahia - @IvanBahiaGuide

Enjoy the most unique cultural experience and guided tour by Ivan Bahia, specially made for the advanced cruise-ship traveler.

You'll notice everything is perfectly organised - exclusively for you and your partner - adaptable to your specific wishes and and has private transports included.

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With this discovery tour of Salvador da Bahia we take a different approach of the city, specifically tailored for the Cruise-Ship-Traveler. It is known to be the most attractive alternative to the classic tourist guiding in the city.
Ivan presents you an interesting day (way off the beaten tracks) to meet with locals in their every-day activities, to discover the history of Salvador in all it's splendor.
You will see the musts (like the historical district Pelourinho, or the famous Bonfim church in Ribeira) and much more.
Our aim is also to experience the real vibes of the city and observe how locals live (like the fishermen's community in Rio Vermelho or the popular São Joachim market).
For lunch we can have a culinairy degustation (optional) at the most famous SENAC Restaurant, where you have an unlimited buffet with many typical culinairy specialties of Bahia.

Pratically, we'll make some choices together as we have a briefing at our meeting at the harbour-docks.
You may also send us your wishes via e-mail so we can perfectly prepair a tailor-made experience for you (there is no competition for this in Salvador).

If you want to discover Salvador like you wish it, with a local who knows the city by heart then you simply have to book this tour.
You will absolutely enjoy it.

Don't forget WE OFFER FREE WIFI during your tour (so you can get away from your expensive ship's internet ;-).

Look at our Salvador pictures to have an overview in images of this tour.

Practical info:
pickup at the harbour when your ship docks
return 1 hour before boarding time
culinairy degustation in SENAC available
private transport in air-conditionned car
English speaking guide/driver
FREE WiFi available during the tour
LGBTQ+ friendly reception
luxury SUV with airconditioning

Pricing : ASK US for a quote

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To make your stay, here in Bahia / Brazil, more confortable we can provide reliable personal airport shutlle & transports (by car or helicopter - 24/7) to / from any destination in Bahia, at any time.

See our TRANSFERS-page for more info.

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Would you like a specific quote for our
Salvador day-tour for cruise-ship-travelers ?

Please let us know your specific needs/wishes
AND tell us how many participants you will be.
Write us via our CONTACT-page.

Alternatively you could get in touch via Whatsapp.

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