You know the feeling, arriving somewhere what is the first thing one does ?
Check emails, whatsapp messages, facebook and instagram updates, ...

Well, Ivan Bahia Guide now graciously resolves your internet needs.
Nobody els on the local tourist-scenery offers this service, but us.

To the travelers participating on our day-tours and mini-travel packages we offer free WIFI, in the car, at the restaurant, on every sport (where there is 3G or 4G network coverage available).

FREE sim-card, inclusive 2GB internet & FREE calls.

For travelers who reserve an ALL-IN-TRAVEL package for minimum 2 participants with us we graciously provide a Brazilian SIM-card, inclusive 2GB of internet access AND FREE CALLS in Brazil for 1 week.

RESERVE NOW your ALL in PACKAGE inclusive hotel / pousada, transports, guiding, trekking, ... and your SIM card for FREE !
You may always get in touch with us for any information on your upcoming travel to Bahia / Brazil, via our CONTACT-page.

And, you can contact us via whatsapp to check our immediate availability the upcoming days.

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